10 Best Macro Recorders To Use In 2022

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10 Best Macro Recorders To Use In 2022

The best macro recorders software can totally change the way you approach everyday computing tasks and make your workflow more productive. Actually, this is a specific tool that records your actions while you are using a specific platform or system, e.g. Windows. It can capture everything – from mouse clicks and strokes to your scrolling style.

Macro Recorder

macro recorder

Like a tape recorder, the macro recorder can also capture mouse events and keystrokes to automate repetitive tasks. It can also record all the steps in a Visual Basic for Applications project.

The Visual Basic Application is a component of the Visual Basic programming language that’s included in most Office applications. Although it can be used to automate processes, it’s not necessary to know the ins and outs of computer programming to use it.

This is a great free tool for Windows. It also converts unstable mouse movements into smooth ones, which will be useful for creating video tutorials. It also has an advanced recording algorithm that can detect different resolutions and program sizes. It also features advanced features such as pixel color detection.

The macro recorder can also capture almost every move that you make while performing a task. This is why it’s important that you record a sequence with which you’re familiar. Doing so will help ensure that the macro runs smoothly and efficiently.

The Macro Recorder was able to surpass other macro automation tools due to its accuracy. It’s free to use and can boost productivity.


✦ These recorders are also very easy to use and store.

✦ They can be easy to create and stored in various formats.

✦ Macro recorders make it easier to perform complex calculations.

✦ Easily created and stored in various formats.

✦ A user can also use them with various software such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

✦ Easily edited to make them fit the needs of their users.


✘ A macro recorder is a program that has many predefined macros, but the pre-processor will only replace them with their real definitions.

✘ A macro recorder is a program that has many predefined macros, but the pre-processor will only replace them with their real definitions.

✘ While macro recordings are commonly used in many applications, they do not know what they’re doing and therefore have a lot of code that does not need to be done.

✘ The main disadvantage of a pro app is that it substitutes the entire code for the macro.



ReMouse.exe is a program that contains ReMouse Standard, which is a component of AutomaticSolution Software’s ReMouse program.

It lets you record and playback various keyboard and mouse actions. It is very easy to use, and it doesn’t require programming experience. It’s compatible with most major platforms.


✦ This is a compact and easy-to-use

✦ mouse and keyboard recording device that can record all events.

✦ that allows you to schedule and control your sessions.

✦ that allows you to create multiple macros and task managers.

✦ smart recording technology


✘ Remouse cannot be used more than 4 times.

✘ Its free version is also not able to store and manage audio and video clips.

✘ ReMouse mouse recorder is also not compatible with most file formats.

Mini Mouse Macro

mini mouse macro

Mini Mouse Macro is a great free keyboard and mouse recording tool. It lets you record and playback actions in real-time. It also has the ability to save and load up any macro that you need.

The Mini Mouse Macro recorder is a great tool for monitoring and recording various keyboard and mouse actions. It can automate a wide range of tasks, such as; web logins and usage, desktop publishing, drawing and graphics, and online gaming.


✦ A simple and effective mouse macro

✦ It is free to use.

✦ automation of the actions performed by right-click, left-click, and keystrokes.

✦ It also comes with a save and load macro

✦ that can be used without requiring an installation.


✘ The program does not respond to the start-stop recording command.

✘ This makes it incredibly difficult to stop it if you have already recorded any mouse movements.

Auto Mouse Recorder

Auto Mouse Recorder is a great tool that lets you record and playback all of your mouse and keyboard actions. It saves a lot of time and effort by automatically repeating all of your actions.

The mouse recorder lets you record and playback the actions that you perform when you press the shortcut keys. It also has the ability to configure the mouse’s settings.


✦ Allow users to automate the actions performed by left-handed users.

✦ Record all the mouse and keyboard actions

✦ Set repeat times and delays between two repeating sessions.

✦ supports users to create scheduled tasks.


✘ The program can only be used a limited number of times.

✘ The program requires programming knowledge to be used



AutoHotkey is a Windows Script Language that enables users to easily create and modify keyboard shortcuts and other software automation tasks.

The flexible syntax of AutoHotkey allows users to concentrate on the task at hand instead of worrying about technical details. It supports both the imperative-procedural and command-based programming paradigms.

comes with an extension that allows users to create mini-programs. The programming language used in the program is very easy to understand.

You need to install AutoHotkey on your computer to use it. After doing so, its icon will appear in the system tray, where you can control all of your scripts. You can also suspend the program for a certain period of time or even exit it completely.


✦ Remap keyboard keys to make them easier to reach. Use any key as a modifier.

✦ Use any key as a modifier.

✦ Make the mouse wheel perform various actions.

✦ Set up hotkeys that are context-sensitive.


✘The base syntax of AutoIt is primitive, which makes it a bit like an improved batch syntax.

Auto Click Typer

This software is ideal for people who are tired of doing repetitive tasks. It can automate the creation and modification of keyboard and mouse commands, allowing them to focus on their work.

You can then reward yourself by giving the program a keyword or short key to type in, and it will automatically generate the correct word or phrase for you.


✦ It is a freeware software

✦ It is very easy to install and can be used for a lifetime.

✦ It features a simple and user-friendly interface.

✦ It allows users to modify mouse and keyboard actions without having to register.

✦ It’s 100% safe from viruses and adware.


✘ The main disadvantage of an auto clicker is that it cannot remember the exact words or phrases that are used in a particular setting. It also has limited memory.

✘ A clicker also has a few problems. For one, it requires a continuous activity to keep it working efficiently. This makes it hard to use and wastes time.


The ghost mouse app can record a sequence of mouse clicks and keyboard movements on a Windows PC. It does so by mimicking the actions that you would like to record.

To start recording, simply click on the record button and start recording the mouse and keyboard actions that you would like to see recorded. The app is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.


✦ This tool is very easy to use

✦ it has built-in graphics to visualize the mouse paths and clicks.

✦ It can automate actions in various applications.

✦ The software is tiny in file size


✘ Unlike other programs, a ghost mouse recorder is only designed to replicate mouse actions.

✘ It requires programming knowledge to customize.

✘ Get Stuck in the new version

Pulvero’s Macro Creator

Free Macro Creator is a great choice for people who are looking for a free macro creator that doesn’t require a lot of work. It’s very easy to learn and can handle a wide variety of tasks. As a user, you can set various parameters and map them to the automation’s functionality.

The Pulveros Macro Creator is a powerful tool that allows users to create beautiful macro images. It’s very easy to use, and it saves all of your work to one computer so that you can keep it on hand whenever you need it.

The best macro software should be able to work seamlessly with various platforms such as Microsoft Office 2010. It should also allow users to customize their work and add new materials easily.

The main highlight of this utility is the ability to create manual scripts. This is ideal for people who prefer to write their own scripts.

EasyClick Macro

EasyClicks Macro is a great tool that enables users to easily create and manage various types of macros. It has plenty of shortcuts that are designed to make the most of your work.

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to add new keyboard shortcuts to your software, then EasyClicks Macros is the tool for you.

Macro Toolwork

Macro Toolwork is a powerful Windows 10 tool that lets users create and manage macro events. It does so by allowing you to record and edit them in a macro editor. It also supports keyboard and mouse events.

The tool is useful for people who are frequently involved in repetitive tasks, such as backing up and restoring files. It can also automate the creation and management of registry entries.

What is a macro recorder?

A macro recorder is a software program that records the actions of your mouse, keystroke and delay for later playback. It can be used to perform complex tasks without modifying computer programming.

Does windows 10 have a macro recorder?

Although Windows 10 has a built-in macro recorder, you should still use the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center to set up and manage the recorder. To start recording the mouse movement, keystrokes, and delays, go to the Editor and enter the macro that you want to record.