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CCleaner for Windows is a handy, easy, and free-to-use utility that maintains your Microsoft Windows PC in excellent health. It eliminates unnecessary programs, trackers, duplicate files, garbage files, cookies, and other superfluous stuff eating up space on the machine.

Downloading a lot of things from the internet can come with a lot of unnecessary junk. These unwanted things block your computer and take up space. Often these can be malware. It can harm your computer if you are not careful.

As a great solution for that issue, You can use CCleaner for windows. It scans your computer and finds dangerous files and removes them

With a basic and clean design, the tool is beginner-friendly and doesn’t offer any big difficulties in use. CCleaner for windows comes with many customization options, so you may utilize the application as per your tastes and hardware specifications.

In addition to scanning the trash bin, temporary internet files, and the clipboard, this cleaner also supports a wide range of other programs, such as Adobe products and Microsoft Office suites. Every one of them has the ability to amass trash files, which can later be deleted.

CCleaner for windows

Features Of CCleaner for Windows

  • Health Check

This module is used to check the health of your computer, turn off unwanted apps to speed up your PC, update apps that are already installed, close security holes, get rid of trackers left by websites and advertisers, and get rid of junk files on your computer.

  • Custom Clean

CCleaner For Windows this module is made to clean your system, web browsers, and other programs on your computer of temporary files, caches, cookies, and other things. In this module, you can choose the types of files you want to delete.

  • Registry

This module is used to find and fix problems with your computer’s registry. For instance, it can find the shared DLLs that are missing and fix the problems. It can also find file extensions you don’t use and get rid of them from your PC. From the sub-menu of this feature, you can find more functions.

  • Option

In this Option section, you may alter the settings for CCleaner. For example, you may adjust the language for CCleaner, modify the program home screen, include/exclude the files while scanning, schedule the PC cleaning operation, and more sophisticated options.

  • Tools

CCleaner for windows comes with an integrated software updater, which allows you to update all the obsolete software programs. it allows you to enable/disable/delete startup components that take up large space on your computer and even increase boot time. it enables you to get rid of duplicates. The tools module also enables you to view all your browser plugins at a glance, something that might be handy when you quickly want to get rid of an erroneous or harmful browser plugin fast.

  • Speed

Speed is a very important part of the software that speeds up your PC. It has to find (scan for) problems quickly, and it should also be quick to fix or even get rid of these problems. The Piriform CCleaner does a good job in this area. Even if it takes a while to do some things, it does so because it wants to make sure you don’t delete something that could be important for your PC.

  • Update

Good software updates itself regularly, which sets it apart from bad software.

  • Disk Analyzer

This scanner shows you which files are taking up space on your hard drives. So, it can help you figure out what might be slowing down your computer.

  • Schedule cleaning

If you have a paid license, you will be able to schedule CCleaner to run on a regular basis. This helps to guarantee that unneeded files do not build on your computer’s hard drive.

  • Deep Clean

The Pro version of any free CCleaner For Windows program allows deep cleaning. As a premium user, you may search for and remove garbage files from your system.

How To Install CCleaner For Windows

  1. First, download the “CCleaner” by clicking the download button on the page.
  2. Double click on the setup installer file to open
  3. you will appear a Security warning box then click “Run”
  4. Next, at the CCleaner setup click “Customize” after unchecking the “install google chrome”
  5. Only the first two choices should be ticked, and then click “Install“.
  6. Uncheck the ‘View release notes’ option and click the “Run” CCleaner after the installation is complete.

How To Uninstall CCleaner On Windows

  1. Click the Windows “Start” button and “Click Apps And Features” from the menu that appears.
  2. Then select “CCleaner” and click “Uninstall“.
  3. If prompted for permission by the User Account Control dialog, click “Yes
  4. When CCleaner Setup appears, click “Uninstall”.
  5. Click “yes” to confirm that you want to uninstall CCleaner and wait until uninstall CCleaner from the PC.

People Also Ask

If you mistakenly deleted files with CCleaner?

If you accidentally erased files using CCleaner For Windows, you will need to recover them using data recovery software to restore them. If you are a Professional Plus subscriber, you may utilize the Recuva Professional to recover any deleted data from your computer. Recuva Professional, on the other hand, is not free to use, regardless of whether you are a free or professional user. In such a circumstance, you may use another free file recovery program to complete the task.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a wonderful option for you in this situation. With the trial version of CCleaner For Windows, you may use it to scan the disk from which you wish to recover data and see whether it can locate the files you need from the scan results. It is available in English and Spanish.

What are the other versions available in CCleaner?

Furthermore, Piriform Ltd has created two other modalities for downloading CCleaner in addition to the usual download version, namely CCleaner Browser and CCleaner Cloud, in addition to many other editions such as Professional, Business, and Technician.

What is the CCleaner browser?

CCleaner Browser is a high-security browser that protects users’ personal information and enables you to disguise your digital trace. Nevertheless, Avast just bought this program, thus this utility is now the Avast Secure Browser, although with the CCleaner symbol.

What is the CCleaner Cloud?

CCleaner Cloud is an alternative to the regular CCleaner. This is a cloud-based internet platform that enables you to clean and optimize your computer. The benefits are that it is free, functional, and requires no human interaction to connect the PC to the Piriform server.

Any alternatives for CCleaner?

CCleaner isn’t the only decent disk cleaner out there; there are plenty more. Avast Cleanup Premium, System Mechanic, and MiniTool Partition Wizard are all excellent options to consider.

Is CCleaner free?

CCleaner Free is intended just for personal use. Enforcing our licensing conditions and requiring business users to acquire a legal license in the proper manner allows us to continue to provide CCleaner, which is free, to millions of home users.