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display tester

Display Tester is a very useful application that lets users test the quality of their device’s screen. It will detect and fix the problems that usually occur when using other programs.

The app comes with a variety of options for carrying out tests, but the majority of them are only useful for ‘pro’ users. It only has two tabs that can be used by ‘pro’ users.

The app can detect dead pixels, perform saturation tests, gradients, and more. It can also generate gamma calibration, repair burn-in, and perform multi-touch tests.

Android devices have their own unique characteristics, which make them different from one another. Each one has its own unique characteristics, which make it different from the others. In this post, we will introduce you to some of the best screen quality smartphones that you can buy right now.

Display tester makes it possible to test the full screen of almost any device. It does so by allowing you to monitor the LCD/OLED screen of almost any device.

Features of display tester

  • Test dead pixels by displaying a series of colored backgrounds
  • Gamma calibration test
  • Contrast, gradient and saturation tests
  • Viewing angle test(not applicable for old pages)
  • Screen performance test
  • Multi-touch screen test
  • Color chart
  • Test different font sizes
  • Manual DPI measurement
  • Full support for Google Cast
  • Screen measurement information such as screen size, GPU type, dpi
  • DIP/ PX calculator
  • Built-in font styles test
  • Pixel format & dithering tests
  • Real world pictures for reference and comparison
  • 4-color gradient test with orientation change correction
  • Repair burn in-scrolling black & white bars