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“Say goodbye to amateur home videos and hello to professional-grade DVDs with DVD Flick. This powerful software allows you to easily combine multiple video formats, add subtitles and create custom menus, making it the perfect tool to turn your family vacation footage into a polished and professional-looking keepsake.”

Sure, DVD Flick is a program that allows you to take your home videos or any other videos you might have, and turn them into professional-looking DVDs. Think about it like this, you have all these videos on your computer, phone, or camera and you want to make a DVD out of it to watch on your TV, share with your friends and family, or even make copies to sell. DVD Flick makes that process easy and seamless.

The program is really user-friendly, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to use it. It has a simple interface that makes it easy for you to import your videos, add subtitles, and even create custom menus for your DVD. It’s a great tool for creating family vacation videos, home movies, or even presentations for work.

Features Of DVD Flick

  • Video Quality Settings

Ability to adjust the video quality settings such as bitrate and resolution.

  • Multiple Audio and Subtitle Tracks:

Support for multiple audio tracks, as well as the ability to add subtitles in various formats.

  • Customizable Menus

Ability to create custom menus and buttons for the DVD, with various templates and backgrounds to choose from.

  • Chapter Creation

Ability to create chapters within the DVD for easy navigation.

  • Video Editing

Basic video editing features, including the ability to trim and merge video files.

  • Aspect Ratio Control

Ability to adjust the aspect ratio of the video to fit the DVD format.

  • Burn to Disc

Built-in support for burning the final DVD to disc, with the option to choose the burn speed and disc size.

  • Multi-Core Processor support

Ability to take advantage of multi-core processors for faster encoding and burning.

  • Command Line Interface

A command line interfaces for automated or scheduled DVD creation.

  • Compatibility

Compatible with various operating systems, including Windows and Mac.

  • Video Quality Settings

Ability to adjust the video quality settings such as bitrate and resolution.

  • Audio Quality Settings

Ability to adjust the audio quality settings such as bitrate and number of channels.

  • Multiplexing

Ability to multiplex audio, video and subtitles streams together into a single program stream.

  • Error Handling

Built-in error handling and correction to ensure compatibility with all DVD players.

  • Multi-Language Support

Ability to interface DVD Flick in multiple languages.

  • Burn to ISO

Ability to burn the final DVD to an ISO file for easy distribution or backup.

  • Preview

Built-in preview feature to view the final DVD before burning.

  • Flexible video format support

Ability to import and convert a wide range of video formats, including some that are less common.

  • Customizable DVD structure

Ability to create custom DVD structures, including the ability to add custom files such as images and text files.

  • Scriptable

Capability to automate tasks through scriptable.

How To Install DVD Flick For Windows PC

  1. Download the DVD Flick installer from the official website (
  2. Run the installer and follow the prompts to install the program on your computer.
  3. Once the installation is complete, you can launch DVD Flick from the Start menu or by double-clicking the shortcut on your desktop.