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Etcher, which has the official name balenaEtcher, is a tool that makes it easy to burn disk images to external USB or SD drives. This program takes care of processing the image, setting up the external device, and flashing it with the right format so that it opens automatically on the device it’s meant for.

Etcher is a very useful tool for making Windows OS images that can be started from a DVD or other image files. This is especially helpful for students or people who are always on the go and don’t know much about computers or their hardware. This also makes the app perfect for people who have never used it before.

Etcher can be used to make USB sticks, CDs, pens, and a lot of other things bootable. The tool works by reading a set of configuration parameters about the device, such as its size and whether or not it can be booted.

In fact, the program hides the local mass storage devices so you don’t confuse them with the drive you have connected.

This feature is very helpful for people who need to protect sensitive data or programs. When you use Windows to make bootable media, it can be used on any operating system that has Windows drivers.

Features Of Etcher

  • Friendly user interface

Etcher’s basic interface is easy to use. Most bootable drive builders are ugly or difficult, making the process unpleasant. Etcher is a simple, easy-to-use UI.

  • More on the way

Burns are performed fifty percent more quickly, and writing may be done simultaneously for several drives.

  • Hard drive friendly

Clearly identifies which disk you want to use, preventing accidental deletion of the whole hard drive.

  • Validation

Etcher’s certified burning function is unique. It is meant to verify an image’s integrity after flashing so the user does not have to boot from a disk. Validation verifies that the flashing is proper. This feature is very useful since it protects the flash drive from being corrupted when trying to boot from it.

  • Drive selection

Etcher chooses one of the external storage devices based on available USB drive space. Sometimes the whole flashing is done over a hard drive or another device that the user does not want. Etcher uses each device’s storage space and name to distinguish them.

  • support multiple formats

Etcher has a huge range of options, and it can work with ISO, IMG, ZIP, DMG, DSK, RAW, XZ, BZ2, HDDIMG, GZ, and ETCH formats.

  • Support OS

Even though it’s free with Windows, there are several third-party tools that let users install etcher to work with Linux, Apple Mac, and even UNIX-like operating systems.

  • Open-source

JS, HTML, node.js, and Electron were used to create this. Get involved and make a contribution

  • Etcher CLI

Etcher CLI lets users write and validate flashes from the command line. Since the CLI tool doesn’t use Electron, it’s small to download and install. This version lets users develop CLI scripts for multi-writing.

How To Download Etcher For Windows PC

  1. First, click the Download button at the top of the page.
  2. Wait for the 8 seconds till appear “Download File” button and click it
  3. Then you will be redirected to the Inkscape official site
  4. Click the “Download For Windows” button and download the files and save them on your computer

How To Install Etcher For Windows PC

  1. First, download the “Etcher” by clicking the download button at the top of the page.
  2. Double click on the setup installer file to start the installation.
  3. If prompted for permission by the “User Account Control” dialog, click, “Yes
  4. Read the licens agreement and click “I agree
  5. Now, follow all installation instructions
  6. Wait for the installation to complete, When the installation is complete, click “Finish”.

How To Uninstall Etcher On Windows PC

  1. Click the Windows “Start” button and go to the “Setting
  2. Now click on Apps or apps and features
  3. Select Etcher at the app list and click “Uninstall“.
  4. After completing the uninstalling process, restart your computer
  5. It’s Done

People Also Ask

What is balenaEtcher?

balenaEtcher is a powerful OS image flasher built with web technologies to make flashing an SDCard or USB drive a pleasant and safe experience.

Is Etcher a virus?

Etcher gives itself more permission to do that operation. It’s not a virus for sure, and its source code is open source, so you can check what it does with sudo permissions.

What is better Etcher or Rufus?

Rufus and Etcher make it easy to make a bootable USB drive, so we think they are both the best. But some users think Rufus is better than Etcher for booting USBs because Rufus lets you boot external drives with more features and options.

Where you can run this program?

Etcher is available for all computer operating systems, so users of Windows, Mac, and Linux can all download the version that works with their system.

Does etcher supports persistent storage?

Etcher supports persistent storage, which means that you can use a live SD card or USB flash drive as a hard drive. Also, Etcher flashing multiple boot partitions to an SD card or USB flash drive.