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Script Hook V for windows is a free video game tool that enables you to access GTA V script native functions in bespoke ASI plugins created with the help of the Script Hook V library.

It’s a library that makes the GTA V gameplay experience considerably more flexible.

This mod, which was created by Alexander Blade, is a plugin library that also includes the most recent versions of the ASI Loader and Native Trainer. It was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.

This version of Script Hook V is primarily intended to give an extra layer of compatibility between scripts and other modifications that PC gamers choose to use. This mod keeps track of all custom scripts that have been installed by other modifications and eliminates various situations that might result in error messages being shown.

Your modifications for the popular game Grand Theft Auto V will be able to function correctly and communicate with one another as a result of this. Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure game. This gadget doesn’t function in Grand Theft Auto Online, unfortunately.

From Windows 7 onwards, the plugin library is accessible for use with almost all versions of Windows. Script Hook V for Windows is also compatible with both PC and Mac. Gamers and GTA lovers will find it simple to integrate this program into their gaming rigs, allowing them to enjoy a considerably more immersive experience with numerous script support and more features.

Features and Highlights Of Script Hook V

  • An extra layer of compatibility between scripts and other modifications
  • Eliminate various situations that might result in error messages being shown.
  • Automatically update mods
  • Script Hook V is 100% FREE
  • Easy Installation
  • Includes a sample asi plugin – native trainer
  • Always Updates with updates of the game files.

How To Install Script Hook V For Windows PC?

  1. First, download the “Script Hook V” by clicking the download button on the page.
  2. Extract the downloaded ScriptHookV Zip file
  3. Copy the dinput8.dll, and ScriptHookV.dll files Inside the bin folder and paste them into the Grand Theft Auto V directory
  4. Now open the ScriptHookVDotNet folder and
  5. Copy ScriptHookVDotNet, ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll, ScriptHookVDotNet2, ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll, ScriptHookVDotNet3 inside ScriptHookVDotNet
  6. Pase those files into the Grand Theft Auto V directory

How to Uninstall/ Disable Script Hook V?

Since this is a script manager library it is easy to disable it. You just have to remove the Script Hook V library files that you copied. Follow the steps to disable Script Hook V,

  • Navigate to GTA V main folder
  • Then find ScriptHookV.dll, Dinput8.dll, NativeTrainer.asi files.
  • Then remove these files from your GTA V main folder.

But we recommend that you should keep those files in another folder in case you need them back.

Why does Script Hook V suddenly stop working?

If the developers have updated Grand Theft Auto V and the new version has patched the Script Hook V for Windows program, then the Script Hook V application will no longer function. When a new update is released, it usually includes a workaround for the patch; but, if no such update has been released, we will have to return to the previous version of the game, which was released before the patch was released, to begin with.

Also, you can try installing the latest version of Script Hook V for Windows. It may work since the developers of the Script Hook V committed to updating the application with game file updates. You can download the Script Hook V latest version on

People Also Ask

What Script Hook V does?

Script Hook V for Windows allows you to play your game without worrying about script issues caused by modifications you’ve installed.

What is the critical error in scrip hook v?

The Script Hook program is used for modding in GTA V, although the creators don’t support it, thus it’s patched with every update. The Script Hook program developers always offer a solution in new upgrades, however, they take a longer time to get out.

What is Script Hook V.NET?

Script Hook V.NET is an ASI plugin that lets you run scripts written in any.NET language in-game. Its full source code is on Github (Changelog). Development is led by the community and is open to everyone,

How to use script hook v on a laptop?

Once it has been installed, launch GTA5 and press the F4 key on your keyboard. The Native Trainer will appear on your game screen, allowing you to make changes to your game as you see fit.