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Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a web app that allows users to send and receive unlimited files, no matter how many times they want. Its ability to send and receive files across various devices makes it a safer and faster alternative to cloud storage. It is a tool that lets you back up any type of file that’s stored on your Android device. With Send Anywhere, users get an unlimited amount of storage and a quick and easy way to share their content. Just select the file type that you want to restore, and it will automatically transfer it to the cloud.

Once the files are uploaded to the cloud, they can be shared in various ways. One of these is by creating a special download code that’s sent to a specific email address.

The best part about using these codes is that they’ll no longer be valid after they’re used. Also, since they’re only used once, they won’t be able to be used by anyone else.

Features of Send Anywhere

  • Easy to use

One of the main advantages of using Send Anywhere is that it eliminates the need to sign in to begin a transfer. Its clean and simple interface makes it very easy to use. The app is very easy to use and doesn’t require any user details.

  • Use Secure and transfer technology

Its secure and encrypted transfer technology makes Send Anywhere a good choice for transferring files. It allows users to send and receive files from various devices without any problems.

  • Allows users to send files up to 10 GB

The biggest advantage of using Send Anywhere is that it allows users to send files up to 10 GB. This feature makes it possible to send large files without worrying about their size.

  • Doesn’t restrict the number of files that users can share.

To use Send Anywhere, just go to the app store and download it. Its features are very feature-rich, and it doesn’t restrict the number of files that users can share.

  • Can send files to any device in your vicinity.

This feature Send Anywhere is also capable of transferring files from Windows devices to other devices. These devices could be on any platform, including Mac, PCs, Android phones, and iOS devices. This feature makes it possible to send and receive files from all your devices.

  • Share Link feature

Another great feature of Send Anywhere is its Share Link feature, which allows users to create a link to share a specific file with someone. Doing so without requiring the app or being in the vicinity of the recipient is very convenient.

How does It work?

Unlike other transfer solutions, Send Anywhere doesn’t store the files on a server and sends them directly to another device. Its 256-bit encryption ensures that the transfer is secure from unauthorized attacks.

If the app is already installed on your desktop, follow the instructions below to install it. On Elementary OS, just double-click the downloaded file and open a terminal window.

How to Install for Windows PC

  1. First, download the app using the download button on the page
  2. After downloading, for the installation, go to the setup file and double click it
  3. Now, follow the instruction until the finish
  4. Once the installation is completed open the application from the home screen.

How to send files using Send Anywhere

  1. To transfer a file, click the ‘plus’ sign or drag and drop the file into the open space.
  2. A six-digit code will be generated P.S The code will last for only 10 minutes.
  3. Type the code on the receiving device
  4. The file will start transferring immediately.
  5. It’s done
  6. To receive it on your PC, just type the code in this box and click ‘Enter’

People also ask

Is Send Anywhere Free?

All of the features of Send Anywhere are free, and it doesn’t show any advertisements. Its cross-platform app allows users to send and receive large files.

How secure is the file transfer?

The app sends and receives encrypted files so that the contents of the sent file cannot be known by anyone. It does not store the files on the server.