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Visual Studio Code is a robust integrated development environment (IDE) geared to the development of Web applications and cloud-based programming. The application is small and lightweight, and its functionality is similar to that of Visual Studio; nevertheless, it has full revision and compilation capabilities that are housed in a contemporary UI.

Debugging, task execution and version control are all supported by Visual Studio Code, which is a simplified code editor with built-in support for development activities. More complicated processes should be left to more comprehensive IDEs such as Visual Studio IDE, which provides a complete set of capabilities for developers throughout the code-build-debug cycle.

VS Code is available for free for personal or business use, and it is based on open-source software that operates on any platform.

Visual Studio Code editor

Features Of Visual Studio Code

  • Support multiple languages

Multiple programming languages can be used. Programmers used to need Web-Support: a different editor for different languages, but now it has built-in support for multiple languages. This also means that if there is a mistake or a cross-language reference, it will be able to find it quickly.

  • Local history

The Timeline view now shows the history of files that are in your area. In some cases, when you save an editor, a new name is added to the list: Each local history entry has the full contents of the file at the time the entry was made. In some cases, the entry can also give more semantic information.

  • Terminal

When you search for something in the terminal, all of the places where the search term is used will be highlighted. The match you’re currently looking at also has a special highlight that you can change.

You can change how the colors of the terminals look by changing the color customizations that start with terminal.findMatch.

  • Extensions and support

As long as a programming language is available, the user/programmer may download an extension and utilize it. In terms of performance, the extension doesn’t slow down the editor since it acts as a separate process.

  • Snippets feature

Snippets are a feature in Visual Studio Code that may help you decrease the amount of time you spend writing code. You may quickly start the loaded program or add the code you want to the main script. The application is fully adjustable, enabling you to change anything from the workspace layout to HTTP, Search, and CSS setup.

  • Web support

It includes pre-installed support for Web-based applications. As a result, web applications can be developed and maintained in VSC.

  • Debugging

The JavaScript debugger can now collect and show heap profiles. Heap profiles show you where and how much memory is used over time, so you can see how it changes. Debug: Take Performance Profile now has an option to take a performance profile. This option can also be found by clicking on a record button in the CALL STACK view, or by clicking on the record button.

  • Remote Development

The Remote Development extensions are still being worked on. They let you use a container, a remote machine, or the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as a full-featured development environment.

  • New R language topic

There is a new R in Visual Studio Code topic that talks about how to use the R extension to write R code in VS Code. The R extension has a lot of great language features, like code completions and linting. It also has R terminals, workspaces, data, and plot viewers.

  • Setting editor and language filter

Users can now type @lang:language into the search box in the Settings editor to see and change all the settings that can be changed for the language with the ID language. This is a new feature. These are called “language overrides,” and users can see them.

Keep in mind that these overrides stay set until they are explicitly changed by clicking on the gear icon and resetting the setting.

  • Git feature

This means that resources can be found on the internet and vice versa; they can also be saved there. Another way to get resources is to copy the code that other people put on the internet and use it. This code can be changed at a later time and then saved, so it can be used again.

  • File structure

 The code files are located in files and folders. The required code files also have some files, which may be required for other complex projects. These files can be deleted as per convenience.

How To Install visual studio code For Windows PC

  1. First, download the “visual studio code” by clicking the download button on the page.
  2. Double click on the setup installer(setup.exe) to start the installation.
  3. Next, accept the agreement and click next
  4. If you want to create a desktop icon select “create desktop icon” and click “next”
  5. Then, click the “Install” button
  6. When the installation is complete, click “Finish”.

How To Uninstall visual studio code On Windows PC

  1. Click the Windows “Start” button and “Click Apps And Features” from the menu that appears.
  2. Then select the “visual studio code” file and click “Uninstall”.
  3. If prompted for permission by the User Account Control dialog, click “Yes”.
  4. When visual studio code Setup appears, click “Uninstall”.
  5. Finally, Go to the C/User/vscode Delete the .vscode folder

People Also Ask

What languages are supported visual studio code?

There are a lot of languages that are supported by this kind of tool, including C++, jade, PHP, Python, XML, Batch, F#, Docker File, CoffeeScript, Java, and HandleBars. There is also syntax highlighting for a lot of languages, including C# and TypeScript.

Why do we need Visual Studio Code?

For the longest time, there hasn’t been an integrated development environment (IDE) or code editor that was so easy to use, especially for first-timers. Coding-friendly features and error-detection tools also assist users to improve the quality of their code.

Is visual Studio coding a free application?

Free. An open-source project. Everywhere, it runs. VS Code has a license and privacy statement that you agree to when you use it.

Why is VS Code so quick?

When you write code in Visual Studio Code, you don’t have to click a lot. It has a built-in debugger, which makes the development process less “clicky” and keeps everything in one place. This makes it much easier and faster to track down bugs and run through the code.

Is Visual Studio Code a good editing tool?

VS Code has become very popular in a short amount of time. It’s always getting more users and luring more developers away from other editors. It has a built-in terminal, as well as built-in support for Git, both of which are big draws for people who like it.

Why VSC is more popular?

The major reason VSC is so popular is that it offers everything a coder needs in a code editor plus some extras. That, plus a few other nice features gives it an advantage over other editors.

Are there any alternatives for Visual Studio Code?

There are some alternatives for visual studio, code such as Notepad++, Sublime Text, UltraEdit, Atom, Brackets, BBEdit, and CodePen.